Preview documents in a web browser

Thanks to the conversion plugin, available for the Advanced and Premium licenses, it is possible to generate a preview of the documents to see them in browsers.

You can export the documents to PDF and PNG formats. Both of them allow a preview in a browser.

To open a PDF document in a browser you need a viewer such as pdf.js ( On the other hand, PNG files are compatible with all browsers, as they are shown just as any other image.


Due to format limitations, the PNG transformation only generates the first page of the document.

For example, an embedded PDF would look like this:

phpdocx 8 and newer releases of Advanced and Premium licenses include native PHP classes to transform DOCX to HTML. The output can be viewed using a web browser or customized to fit the needs of any project. For more information, read DOCX to HTML.

To convert a DOCX document to PDF type the following code:

To transform a DOCX to PNG just change the extension of the target file: