phpdocx v3.6 release notes

  • 11/28/2013

We are happy to announce the release of the 3.6 version of phpdocx. This new version includes some changes that improve the core functionality of phpdocx and the PDF rendering. CORE: addMer...

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phpdocx 3.5 General Performance Benchmark

  • 10/28/2013

We would like to start by saying that, generally speaking, PHPDocX is pretty fast but we do not want that you just take our Word for it (pun intended). To start with we have prepared a simple phpdo...

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Using phpdocx with Zend Framework 2

  • 10/18/2013

To use phpdocx within the Zend Framework 2, you just need to follow these steps: 1. Extract the content of the phpdocx package to a folder inside the framework path (for example libraries/phpdocx)....

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Using phpdocx with namespaces

  • 10/09/2013

phpdocx is compatible with PHP 5.2. Due to this, phpdocx doesn't include namespaces in its classes. If you're using a PHP 5.3 framework or developing a custom project that need to use namespac...

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Using phpdocx with WordPress

  • 09/30/2013

WP Post to DOCX is a plugin that integrates the community version of phpdocx within WordPress, but can also be used with PRO, PRO+, Corporate and Enterprise versions. This plugin allows to save a post...

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