HTML Extended: <phpdocx_structureddocumenttag> tag

<phpdocx_structureddocumenttag> tag


Inserts a structured document tag.

HTML Extended (Premium licenses)
Attribute Description

Possible values are:

  • checkbox
  • comboBox
  • date
  • dropdownList
  • richText
data-alias The label that will be shown in the structured document tag.
data-calendar Calendar type. Default type is gregorian. Possible values include: gregorian, hijri, hebrew, taiwan, japan, thai, korea, saka, gregorianXlitEnglish, gregorianXlitFrench.
data-checked Sets checkboxes as checked or unchecked.
data-dateFormat The default date format is M/d/yyyy. See addDateAndHour for available date formats.
data-listItems An array of arrays each one of them containing the text to show and value.
data-local ISO code. The default value is en-US.
data-lock Locking properties:
  • sdtLocked (cannot be deleted).
  • contentLocked (contents can not be edited directly).
  • unlocked (default value: no locking).
  • sdtContentLocked (contents can not be directyly edited or the structured tag removed).
data-placeholderText Text to be shown by default.
data-tag A programmatic tag.
data-temporary If true the structured tag is removed after editing.

Other styles from phpdocx_text can also be used.

Code samples

Example #1

The resulting Word document looks like: