Checkboxes as plain symbols

  • Dec 21, 2012

Warning This post is outdated. For up date information about please refer to the documentation. Although one can easily introduce real checkboxes in a Word document generated by PHP...

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PHPDocX Crypto API: disentangling Microsoft encryption standards for Word documents

  • Dec 09, 2012

Since the summer of 2012 we have been working hard on incorporating into PHPDocX some standard protection and encryption capabilities currently available for MS Office documents. An now we are fina...

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PHPDocX v2.7 release notes

  • Nov 27, 2012

The PHPDocX team continues its quest to offer the most flexible and reliable tool for the generation of dynamical Word documents on a web server regardless of the chosen OS (LINUX , Windows or Mac)....

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Digital Signature for Word documents with PHP

  • Oct 23, 2012

We have just launched a Digital Signature package por PHPDocX that greatly simplify the process to digitally sign a Word document in a web server. Our Digital Signature package, that can be integra...

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Case study: Syllabus Generator using PHPDocx Library

  • Sep 11, 2012

Since PHPDocX's first release a couple of years ago, the feedback of the community has been pretty good, and many developers tell us about their own experiences with the library. We thought it would b...

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