XML API - pdx:encryptDocx


Encrypts (AES128) a Word document.


You are reading the XML API documentation. For the PHP API method please go to encryptDocx.


Element definition

This element allows to encrypt a Word document. The final user needs to insert the password included in the options array to access the content of the resulting file.

The encrypted file is a Microsoft Binary Compound File that is directly recognized as an encrypted Word document by the standard Word interface.

You may find a detailed description of this package in the cryptophpdocx section of the API documentation.

Attributes and sub-elements


Path to the word document that you want to encrypt.


Path to the resulting encrypted document.

Key Description
password The password should be a string of 15 or less characters. If you introduce a password with more than 15 characters it will be automatically truncated.
Code samples

Example #1




PHP code

The resulting Word document looks like: