XmlApi - pdx:removeWordContent


Removes content in the document.


You are reading the XML API documentation. For the PHP API method please go to removeWordContent.


Element definition

Attributes and sub-elements


Key Description
type * (all, default value), break, chart, endnote (content reference, the whole paragraph is removed), footnote (content reference, the whole paragraph is removed), image, paragraph (also for bookmarks, links and lists), section, shape, table.
contains Contains a text string.
occurrence Exact occurrence or range of contents (e.g.: 2..9, 2.., ..9) (string) or first() or last(). If empty iterate all elements.
attributes Contains a specific attribute key and value.
parent Main document body as default, allows to set any parent or a specific one. w:body (default), '/' (any parent) or any other specific parent (/w:tbl/, /w:tc/, /w:r/...).
target Target content: document, header, footer.
referencePositions Based on the sectPr contents order.
referenceSections Section number.
referenceTypes Header/footer type: first, even, default.
customQuery Custom xpath query, overwrites any other reference.
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