XML API - pdx:addBreak


Inserts a line, column or page break into the Word document.


You are reading the XML API documentation. For the PHP API method please go to addBreak.


Element definition

This element allows to insert a break into the document.

  • line: inserts a standard line break.jpg or jpeg.
  • column: inserts a column break, i.e. the text restarts to be rendered in the next column if the section has more than one column.
  • page: the contents continue in the next available page.

You may also include a line or column break in the middle of a paragraph via the addText element.

Attributes and sub-elements
Key Description
type The possible values are: 'line', 'column' and 'page'
number Number of breaks
Code samples

Example #1




PHP code

The resulting Word document looks like: