XML API - pdx:addPageBorders


Adds custom page borders to the current Word document.


You are reading the XML API documentation. For the PHP API method please go to addPageBorders.


Element definition

This element allows you to insert page borders into the Word document.

Attributes and sub-elements
Key Description
  • allPages (displays page border on all pages: default value).
  • firstPage (displays page border on first page).
  • notFirstPage (displays page border on all pages but the first one).
color Border hexadecimal color ('000000' (default), 'FF0000'...).
offsetFrom Possible values are: 'page' or 'text'.
space Border spacing in points (default is 24).
style Border. It can be none, single (default), double... See, for example, http://www.schemacentral.com/sc/ooxml/t-w_ST_Border.html for a complete list of border available styles.
width Page border width in eigths of a point (default value is 4).
zOrder Sets the z-index of the border.
Code samples

Example #1




PHP code

The resulting Word document looks like: