Checks spelling in a DOCX document.

public checkSpelling ( $source [, array $options = array()] )

Checks spelling in a DOCX and corrects misspelled words.

Supported AI integrations:

  • phpdocx AI

This method requires the Pspell PHP Extension.



DOCX document.


An array with the available options.

The possible keys and values are:

key Type Description
language string Set two letter ISO 639 language and an optional two letter ISO 3166 country code after a dash or underscore: pspell_new language option.
referenceNode array Default all paragraphs. DOCXPath options for custom queries:
  • 'type' (string) paragraph (default)
  • 'contains' (string)
  • 'occurrence' (int)
  • 'attributes' (array)
  • 'parent' (string) '/' (any parent, default), w:body or any other specific parent (/w:tbl/, /w:tc/, /w:r/...)
  • 'customQuery' (string) if set overwrites all previous references. It must be a valid XPath query
regExprCleanWords string Regular expression to clean contents to remove extra symbols. Default as '/[^\p{L}\p{N}\s]/u'.
spelling string Specific spelling: pspell_new spelling option. Default as empty.
target array Extract specific targets:
  • document
  • headers
  • footers
  • footnotes
  • endnotes
  • comments
saveAs string If set, generates a new DOCX replacing the misspelled words by the first suggestion from pspell. Default as null.
Return values

array with the misspelled words


PHP pspell is not available.

The language option is not set.

Not valid DOCX source.

Code samples

Example #1

The resulting output looks like:

Example #2

The resulting output looks like: