Merges Word documents after a specific position.

public mergeDocxAt (string $firstDocument, array $documentArray, string $finalDocument, array $referenceNode, array $options)

This method allows the full merging of DOCX documents after a specific position.

The merging process preserves all contents without internal/external dependencies: paragraphs, tables, bookmarks, run-of-text, text boxes, fields, shapes...

The merging process also preserves the following contents that include internal/external dependencies:

  • styles
  • images
  • charts and extended charts
  • links and cross-references
  • lists
  • altChunk contents
  • footnotes and endnotes
  • comments
  • OLE objects
  • sections with their corresponding headers and footers (optional)



The path to the first Word document to merge.


Paths array of the Word documents to merge.


The destination path of the merged file.


An array to get the refence node.
The possible keys and values of this array are:

Key Type Description
type string * (all, default value), bookmark, break, chart, endnote (content reference), footnote (content reference), image, list, paragraph (also for links and lists), section, shape, table.
contains string Contains a text string.
occurrence int Exact occurrence (int) or range of contents (e.g.: 2..9, 2.., ..9) (string) or first() or last(). If empty iterate all elements.
attributes array Contains a specific attribute key and value.
parent string Main document body as default, allows to set any parent or a specific one. w:body (default), '/' (any parent) or any other specific parent (/w:tbl/, /w:tc/, /w:r/...).
customQuery string Custom xpath query, overwrites any other reference.


The possible keys and values are (required options are shown with yellow background):

Key Type Description
mergeType int

The possible values are:

  • 0: preserves the sections of the merged document with their respective headers and footers.
  • 1: merges the contents at the end of the last section of the first document.

If the mergeType equals 1 or the last section of the first document is of the "continuous" type, there may be some missalignment of absolutely positioned content in the merged document. This is due to the fact that the absolute positioned content of the second document was layed out with respect the second document page distribution that may change after the merging.

enforceSectionPageBreak bool Enforces a page section break between documents even if the first section type of the merged document is of the continuous type.
numbering string

The possible values are:

  • continue (the page numbering continues in the merged document).
  • restart (the original page numbering of the second document is preserved).

lineBreaks int Inserts the indicated number of line breaks between the contents of the merging files.
forceLatestStyles bool Keeps the last merged document styles, overwriting the previous styles.
renameStyles bool If true, rename styles of the DOCX to be merged with unique names to keep them. False as default.

Error while trying to open the (base) template as a zip file.

Code samples

Example #1:

Release notes
  • phpdocx 15.0:
    • in-memory DOCX documents.
  • phpdocx 14.0:
    • improved working with notes with external relationships.
  • phpdocx 13.5:
    • OLE objects.
    • multiple list level overrides.
  • phpdocx 13.0:
    • importEmbeddedFonts option.
    • OLE objects without bin extensions.
  • phpdocx 12.5:
    • links with mixed IDs and anchors.
    • OLE objects embedded in equations.
    • added new XML namespaces.
    • don't add webSettings and theme1 relationships if the first DOCX to be merged doesn't include them.
  • phpdocx 12.0:
    • renameStyles option.
    • improved embedded images in shapes, SVG images, numbering styles applied to custom styles, multiple altChunk tag, hyperlinks in images tags with the same ID and external charts.
  • phpdocx 11.0:
    • override styles in level lists.
  • phpdocx 9.5:
    • new method.