Returns the text contents of a DOCXPath query.

public getWordContents (array $referenceNode)


An array to get the refence node.
The possible keys and values of this array are:

Key Type Description
type string * (all, default value), bookmark, break, chart, endnote (content reference), footnote (content reference), image, list, paragraph (also for lists and links), section, shape, table.
contains string Contains a text string.
occurrence int Exact occurrence (int) or range of contents (e.g.: 2..9, 2.., ..9) (string) or first() or last(). If empty iterate all elements.
attributes array Contains a specific attribute key and value.
parent string Main document body as default, allows to set any parent or a specific one. w:body (default), '/' (any parent) or any other specific parent (/w:tbl/, /w:tc/, /w:r/...).
target string Target content: document (default), header, footer.
reference array To be used with header and footer targets: positions (array) 1, 2... based on the sectPr contents order, sections (array) 1, 2..., types (array) first, even, default
customQuery string Custom xpath query, overwrites any other reference.
Code samples

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